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Alumitech Honda wheel

An aluminum wheel produced by Alumitech. Photographed on 4x5 black and white negative film.


Graphic design studios typically hire photographers as needed, but KSD produces the majority of our photography in-house, and has done so for almost 30 years.

The technical side of photography has changed dramatically during this time (primarily film to digital), but the skills required have not changed. Exposure, focus, composition and a sense of timing are still critical to creating strong images. We disassembled our darkroom almost a decade ago and now use a vastly more efficient digital workflow.

The primary job of photography in marketing is to make something look beautiful, look interesting, tell a story, evoke a feeling, or all of the above. A drug testing kit with urine can be photographed by anyone with a smart phone, but to make it look striking requires control of the light, the background and the perspective, as well as meeting the technical requirements for print or web publication.

Below are a few samples of photography KSD has produced for clients.

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A Website as Elegant as the Artwork Itself

Chris Ramsey had been making beautiful turned wood hats and bowls for many years when he came to us looking for a new website. Like all artists, Chris’ focus is on creating, honing his skills and innovating new techniques. 
William Cox photographing Chris Ramsey Bowls.
It was our job to bring his art to life on the Internet. After talking with Chris about his needs, the process began with filling the KSD studio with a bounty of stunning bowls and hats for us to photograph. The goal was to capture and emphasize the simplicity and elegance of Chris’ work.
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Old Friends, New Website

Tater Knob Pottery and Farm has been a long-time client of KSD. Years ago we helped our friends Sarah Culbreth and Jeff Enge with an identity and promotional materials for their Berea, Kentucky pottery studio. They didn’t have a big budget, but we were able to create an identity and other marketing materials that have not only helped their business as it's grown, but has stood the test of time.
While a good logo can be timeless, a good website isn’t. As technology evolves, so do our websites. We designed Tater Knob’s first website years ago when Flash was a robust web technology and monitor resolutions were much lower.  We had fun creating this fresh, responsive, CMS (Content Management System) website that showcases this creative family and all their beautiful pottery.
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Sumerset Custom Houseboats

This gallery of work produced for Sumerset Custom Houseboats includes, in order, the primary corporate identity, business cards, corporate and customer boat graphics, interior photography, exterior photography, process photography, brochure design, coordinated marketing materials package, boat show display, misc graphics for events, and some other tourism and lake-oriented photography and design.
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Stunning Photography Leads the Way

Page after page of engaging, high-impact photography in TOUR Southern and Eastern Kentucky's visitor region guide shows the real essence of the best this area has to offer. Working closely with the TOUR SEKY staff, KSD designed this publication to be a bold and exciting invitation to experience the adventures of the region.
This free tourism guide focuses on five main areas of adventure — outdoors, music, agriculture, history and arts and crafts. The guidebook also offers adventure maps and potential itineraries for the casual traveler.
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From Our Hands to Yours

KSD worked with Tour Southern and Eastern Kentucky to build and launch an arts and crafts educational and marketing initiative that incorporates an iPhone app, a website and a promotional brochure. It’s called From Our Hands to Yours and it showcases the craft and artistry of more than 65 artisans found along the byways of southern and eastern Kentucky. KSD designed the iPhone app portion of From Our Hands to Yours to put a virtual gallery right in your hands. The app is a stunning art and craft gallery, a guide to annual craft festivals and craft retailers, and interactive instruction on how to play a mountain dulcimer.
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