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William Cox

William Cox

William is a graphic designer, photographer, web and mobile application designer. Before joining KSD in 1989, William worked as a photojournalist and newspaper graphic designer. He is a graduate of Cumberland College in Williamsburg, Kentucky where he studied art and political science. 

You can see some of William's mobile photography at

Conveying the Essential Factors

As part of a complete rebranding project, KSD designed a new website for this software engineering and consulting company. FACTOR solves challenging risk management problems in the transportation, energy, chemical, insurance and public sectors.

This week Stearns became the sixth Kentucky town to achieve the official Kentucky Trail Town certification. Kentucky First Lady Jane Beshear bestowed the honor at a ceremony at the Big South Fork Railway Depot on July 8, 2015.

Kirby Stephens in helmet getting ready to race.It is certainly not every client meeting that ends with go cart racing, but this sort of thing just emphasizes how much we enjoy our work!

KSD is developing a new name and brand, website and marketing solution for Visual Risk Technologies headquartered in Nashville. After a morning of concept presentations and photographing staff for the project, Kirby, Bill Jones and William Cox were invited to join the company in an afternoon of (relatively) high-speed laps at an indoor track. Much fun was had by all.

Today Google has implemented a new search algorithm that will severely penalize websites that are not “mobile-friendly” in search result rankings. Google has done this in response to the way people have moved their Internet browsing habits to mobile devices in the last few years, and that trend is expected to continue.

KSD websites built in the last two years are all mobile friendly. Some of our most recent sites are responsive, which means they can reflow, reprioritize, and even present different content depending on screen size.

Google has provided a handy tool to check any website to see if it passes its “mobile-friendly” test. 

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