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Growing a Website for a Green Product — SEO for National Recycling Trailers

Rising in search results can take months or years for new companies. Search engines consider reputation among hundreds of factors, many of them proprietary, to best deliver pertinent results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves applying the latest data on these factors during website development to help outperform competitors who don’t take SEO into account.
In recent years, National Recycling Trailers quickly rose to challenge the industry leader in product quality and innovative features. In addition to creating a new name and brand for the company, the KSD team tackled two main objectives—developing a responsive website that clearly displayed the recycling trailers National manufactures and their features, and extensively researching and applying best SEO practices to get the site onto the first page of search engine results. Having a new name and web address presented a unique challenge in this case, because search engines considered National a new company despite having been in business for several years under another name.
The website features updated photographs of the trailers taken by the KSD team, and newly designed specification sheets with the company’s brand. By applying our SEO research, National’s site quickly moved to the top of the first page of major search engine results for recycling trailers—past minor competitors and side-by-side with, and sometimes ahead of, their main, more established competitor.
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