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Chris Ramsey

A Website as Elegant as the Artwork Itself

Chris Ramsey had been making beautiful turned wood hats and bowls for many years when he came to us looking for a new website. Like all artists, Chris’ focus is on creating, honing his skills and innovating new techniques. 
William Cox photographing Chris Ramsey Bowls.
It was our job to bring his art to life on the Internet. After talking with Chris about his needs, the process began with filling the KSD studio with a bounty of stunning bowls and hats for us to photograph. The goal was to capture and emphasize the simplicity and elegance of Chris’ work.
A simple and elegant solution came in the form of reflection. Mirrors, that is. The challenge was to showcase the form of each piece, and by placing the items on a reflective surface, we achieved a multi-angle view with one simple shot.
A large custom-made mirror was placed in the parking lot of KSD on a clear June day where the blue sky complimented the rich wood tones perfectly. When the images were placed in the website design, the result was nothing short of breathtaking. 

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