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Complications of Drug Use Illustrated in Posters for Workplace and Schools

Premier Integrity Solutions is a comprehensive resource for drug screening and program compliance. In addition to developing an identity, website, marketing and packaging, our scope of work included designing posters for clients to display. The jumbled letters on each poster symbolize the complications of drug use while establishing the location as a drug-free environment.
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Magical Mix

Forest paths at Indian Fort Theatre are the setting for the Kentucky Guild's biannual art fairs. Tents of finely finished work line curving paths along with roaming musicians, storytellers and artist demonstrations. The magical mix of art and nature was the central theme of our identity and print design work for the Guild, with lines blurring between leaf and glass, basket and tree, and even, in the logo, artist and art.
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New Mexico's Newest

One of New Mexico's oldest telecommunications providers — LEACO — partnered with KSD to rebrand its wireless telephone service. Following market research and focus-group testing, KSD worked with the client to develop and launch NMobile, New Mexico's newest wireless service. The project included naming, graphic identity, signage, website, marketing, brochures and in-store point-of-purchase materials, among others.
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SOMERSET, Ky. (November 29, 2011) — Kirby Stephens Design has written another brand story — this time, expanding its work to a new region of the United States.

The Somerset, Ky.-based marketing firm recently developed an identity for New Mexico’s newest nationwide high-speed wireless network. Powered by Leaco Rural Telephone Cooperative, NMobile was introduced to southeastern New Mexico residents in July.

“It has been a pleasure to explore a new area of the country, creating a brand that uniquely identifies with New Mexico’s culture and the people who call it home,” KSD President Kirby Stephens said.

NMobile’s creation comes on the heels of the largest facility upgrade in LEACO’s 57-year history. Though LEACO, headquartered in Hobbs, N.M., has offered nationwide wireless service for quite some time, the addition of 3G and 4G capability gave the cooperative the opportunity to reintroduce its service to existing customers, expand products and move into new markets.

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