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William Cox

William Cox

William is a graphic designer, photographer, web and mobile application designer. Before joining KSD in 1989, William worked as a photojournalist and newspaper graphic designer. He is a graduate of Cumberland College in Williamsburg, Kentucky where he studied art and political science. 

You can see some of William's mobile photography at

In the land of white trucks, our almost 80 year old building is getting some minor repairs. It sounds like there are elephants on the roof right now.

The chance of having twins in the US is a fraction over 3%, or basically 33 to 1. Pretty slim odds. Better than winning the lottery, but not as likely as winning at roulette.

This is one of the myriad of things that makes working at KSD so interesting. Out of six employees, half of them have twins… or in the case of our newest employee, expecting twins. (I’m not sure that “expecting” is the right word, she’s pretty darn sure about it.)

The Kentucky Telecom Association (KTA) is the leading state trade association supporting and promoting the telecommunications industry in the Commonwealth.

The Kentucky Telecom Association was, until recently, known as the Kentucky Telephone Association. The name change was adopted to better define the organization’s scope. KTA decided the new name required an update of their logo as well.

Kirby Stephens Design was tasked to design the new symbol, which began with an examination of the old. We determined that not only was the logo dated,

Graphic design is not possible without coffee. It never has been. Anthropologists believe the earliest cave paintings were accomplished with the aid of stimulants, and I think some form of coffee must have been present.

With so many coffee drinkers in a relatively small studio, it’s hard to please every taste. So we don’t. Our latest selection, Organic Love Buzz, has not been a universal success.

Playing with Your Food

Professional Chefs Chuck and Allison Sobieck wanted to do something different to promote their businesses 2Chefs Catering and The Doolin House Inn. They turned to KSD to develop an iPhone app to stir a little excitement. The result is Food Fight!, a free arcade style game with a subtle marketing message thrown in. 
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