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William Cox

William Cox

William is a graphic designer, photographer, web and mobile application designer. Before joining KSD in 1989, William worked as a photojournalist and newspaper graphic designer. He is a graduate of Cumberland College in Williamsburg, Kentucky where he studied art and political science. 

You can see some of William's mobile photography at

The Somerset-Pulaski County Convention & Visitors Bureau recently unveiled their new website developed by Kirby Stephens Design. The website launch is the second phase of work for the CVB, the first being the design and implementation of a new brand, including the developmnet of a new visitor brochure.

KSD also conceived a new brand positioning statement to help define the vacation potential of the region beyond Lake Cumberland. "Fun In and Out of the Water"brings attention to the numerous land attractions as a supplement to the popular lake.

Mark Arnold of m2d Design Group presented the final design proposal to the public today. Very nice work guys!

Food Fight!, our first iPhone game, is a little over a year old now and we’ve just released an updated version with a new character in the lineup. The fast and elusive “Sherry Cherry” is a score multiplier. Hit Sherry and you double your current score. We’ve also added a pause button so you can take a break from your marathon food battles. These two additions allow much, much higher scoring.

Food Fight! was developed as a unique marketing tool for The Doolin House Inn / 2Chefs Catering. Designed to be simple to play and appealing to any age gamer, Food Fight! has done very well in the iTunes App Store with over 60,000 unique downloads world-wide, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Many thousands of years ago, someone painted the image on the left. I made the image on the right a few minutes ago. The cave painting is obviously art, but it probably was a message as well. It may have had something to do with a religious ceremony, maybe a record of a successful hunt, possibly some prehistoric punk’s graffiti, or it could be directions to an important place. The image on the right represents directions to an important place.

I had a nice pork BBQ sandwich yesterday for lunch. Upon returning to the studio, I enjoyed a  creative and productive afternoon. Coincidence? I think not!

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