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William Cox

William Cox

William is a graphic designer, photographer, web and mobile application designer. Before joining KSD in 1989, William worked as a photojournalist and newspaper graphic designer. He is a graduate of Cumberland College in Williamsburg, Kentucky where he studied art and political science. 

You can see some of William's mobile photography at

Alumitech Honda wheel

An aluminum wheel produced by Alumitech. Photographed on 4x5 black and white negative film.


Graphic design studios typically hire photographers as needed, but KSD produces the majority of our photography in-house, and has done so for almost 30 years.

The technical side of photography has changed dramatically during this time (primarily film to digital), but the skills required have not changed. Exposure, focus, composition and a sense of timing are still critical to creating strong images. We disassembled our darkroom almost a decade ago and now use a vastly more efficient digital workflow.

The primary job of photography in marketing is to make something look beautiful, look interesting, tell a story, evoke a feeling, or all of the above. A drug testing kit with urine can be photographed by anyone with a smart phone, but to make it look striking requires control of the light, the background and the perspective, as well as meeting the technical requirements for print or web publication.

Below are a few samples of photography KSD has produced for clients.

Dan Dutton owl nest

“When I was a child, I heard my parents sing songs telling of marvelous things that happened long ago.” — Daniel Dutton

This is the opening line from artist, composer and storyteller Daniel Dutton’s Ballads of the Barefoot Mind, a catalog designed by KSD for his opening exhibition at 21C Museum in Louisville, Kentucky. For 30 years, we have collaborated with Dan to share “marvelous things” from his creative world, through posters, catalogs, album art, photography, websites and more. A true renaissance man, he is an accomplished musician, painter, poet, sculptor, writer and storyteller.

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