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Playing with Your Food

Professional Chefs Chuck and Allison Sobieck wanted to do something different to promote their businesses 2Chefs Catering and The Doolin House Inn. They turned to KSD to develop an iPhone app to stir a little excitement. The result is Food Fight!, a free arcade style game with a subtle marketing message thrown in. 
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Advancing the Profession

The Kentucky Bar Association’s graphic identity — a book form stepping to a courthouse — mirrors ongoing advancement of the legal profession and represents the importance KBA places on continuing education in the practice of law.
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Food Fight!, our first iPhone game, is a little over a year old now and we’ve just released an updated version with a new character in the lineup. The fast and elusive “Sherry Cherry” is a score multiplier. Hit Sherry and you double your current score. We’ve also added a pause button so you can take a break from your marathon food battles. These two additions allow much, much higher scoring.

Food Fight! was developed as a unique marketing tool for The Doolin House Inn / 2Chefs Catering. Designed to be simple to play and appealing to any age gamer, Food Fight! has done very well in the iTunes App Store with over 60,000 unique downloads world-wide, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

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When professional chefs Chuck and Allison Sobieck decided they needed to shake up their business image a little, they asked Kirby Stephens Design to design an app for that.

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Interactive website featured by Print Magazine

Print Magazine/Interaction Annual
Published October 2002

It's hardly news to our readers that things have been, one might say, a bit shaky in the dot-com market during the past couple of years. Its decline, already accelerating when we put together last year's annual, continued throughout the following year, abetted by the recession and the events of September 11.

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