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Creating a 3-D Campus Map for Somerset Community College

When a student searches for a room number, a program office or a destination like the cafeteria or art gallery on SCC's mobile wayfinding map, the app takes them there virtually. The user crosses a 3-D campus map to arrive at the correct location, and is then shown the best route within the building to navigate to their room. Driving maps can also be accessed to get to the college's 5 other campuses. 
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Do You Need a Smile?

Had a tough day? Feeling a little blue? A little laughter just might make things better. Tickle 16 different stone works ranging from Mt. Rushmore to Ancient Greece to Easter Island. The app development involved digital retouching and animation of purchased stock photography of famous stone artwork from around the world. Tickle Stones was developed just for fun.
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From Our Hands to Yours

KSD worked with Tour Southern and Eastern Kentucky to build and launch an arts and crafts educational and marketing initiative that incorporates an iPhone app, a website and a promotional brochure. It’s called From Our Hands to Yours and it showcases the craft and artistry of more than 65 artisans found along the byways of southern and eastern Kentucky. KSD designed the iPhone app portion of From Our Hands to Yours to put a virtual gallery right in your hands. The app is a stunning art and craft gallery, a guide to annual craft festivals and craft retailers, and interactive instruction on how to play a mountain dulcimer.
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Playing with Your Food

Professional Chefs Chuck and Allison Sobieck wanted to do something different to promote their businesses 2Chefs Catering and The Doolin House Inn. They turned to KSD to develop an iPhone app to stir a little excitement. The result is Food Fight!, a free arcade style game with a subtle marketing message thrown in. 
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Food Fight!, our first iPhone game, is a little over a year old now and we’ve just released an updated version with a new character in the lineup. The fast and elusive “Sherry Cherry” is a score multiplier. Hit Sherry and you double your current score. We’ve also added a pause button so you can take a break from your marathon food battles. These two additions allow much, much higher scoring.

Food Fight! was developed as a unique marketing tool for The Doolin House Inn / 2Chefs Catering. Designed to be simple to play and appealing to any age gamer, Food Fight! has done very well in the iTunes App Store with over 60,000 unique downloads world-wide, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

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Discover the beauty and artistry in the rich crafts tradition of southern and eastern Kentucky with the latest free iPhone app from Kirby Stephens Design.

TourSEKY 1 Craft: "From Our Hands to Yours" showcases some of the best work of more than 65 artisans in the region. It's a comprehensive, full-year directory of major craft events, festivals and retail venues from across southern & eastern Kentucky, complete with contact details, event descriptions, driving directions and more.

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