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Keeping Up with the Apples (and Androids)

Designing for the web has always been a race to keep pace with technology. But nothing has shaken things up more than the recent explosion in mobile web browsing.

KSD moved into the realm of web design in the mid '90s, when the prevalence of slow dial-up Internet speeds and quirky limitations of the earliest web browsers were a frustrating limitation to the creative design process.

When Adobe released a new web technology called Flash in 1996, it provided a solution to many of these web limitations, and we were quick to tackle learning this complex software.

Flash proved to be a great tool, allowing us to create sites with lightweight graphics that download quickly, were compatible with all browsers and platforms, and let us build amazing animations and interactive interfaces. For more than a decade, Flash was our favorite platform for creating websites.

Then came the iPhone.

The iPhone was the not the first web-enabled mobile phone, but it was the first to display web pages with full graphic display, like a computer. The iPhone quickly became the most popular mobile web device, soon joined by the iPod touch and the iPad, all of which used Apple’s iOS. This is where things got a little sticky for many web designers, like us, who developed website with Flash: Apple refused to allow Flash to operate in iOS devices. Recently, Google announced it is dropping support for Flash in its Android OS as well.

As much as we like the capabilities of Flash, our first duty in web design is creating sites that work for our clients. We have learned to work with new web development software that allows us to create websites compatible with all browsers and devices. KSD now builds database driven sites that separate content from design. This allows clients the ability to access and update the content of their websites from any web browser, without having to know anything about the technical side.

The ability to separate design from content also provides the possibility to display different designs to different platforms, like a small smartphone, an iPad screen or a large computer monitor. The website you are looking at now will reformat to provide the best readability on all of these devices.

We are proud of the websites we designed in years past — websites built with Flash — but we are not featuring any of them on our new website because we see Flash for what it is, an antiquated web technology. If you are browsing from a desktop computer, we invite you to look at a few of these websites.

Chieftain Steel

The Carvin’ Artist

Tater Knob Pottery & Farm

MedPark West

Carman Landscape Architects

The Doolin House Inn


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