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Wellhead Energy Systems

Powering Energy Independence

Stranded resources could provide all of the future energy needs of the United States. Wellhead Energy Systems strives to capture and convert those resources as well as currently wasted flare gas to the benefit of a cleaner and more sustainable planet. More than 40 percent of the natural gas resources in the United States are considered “stranded.” Wellhead's modular systems have the design flexibility to process many forms of gas, including natural gas, flare gas, syngas, landfill gas, bio-gas and coal bed methane. Their components address environmental regulations and create profitable solutions.
KSD designed the company symbol, a capital “W”, to graphically represent a capped wellhead beginning to transform into usable energy, represented by the sideways lowercase “e”. In addition to developing a website and a variety of branded collateral, KSD has worked with Wellhead's management team to provide ongoing public relations and marketing strategy and materials.

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